In practicing polyamory, I kinda dived right in before I really read anything. I practiced, and learned the hard way; so many lessons in my life already spilled out on hundreds of pages of relationship manuals. Now that open relationsihps tiptoeing into the mainstream, required reading is the first step for the uninitiated. And although I think the current literature focuses on a lot on ideals, values, boundaries, and dos and don’ts, there is a dearth of information of some of the more cerebral, emotional, intuitive, and frankly radically transformative consequences of being open.

Too many people I know are curious, and intellectually attracted to the ideas, but cannot resolve some of the more entrenched emotions they feel. Exploration stays in the realm of hypothetical, with practice honesty, communication, and freedom that come with polyamory templated onto current lifestyles.

I’d love to just say “Yes, you can. YOU can do this. I did!” But that’s not very convincing. My goal here is to empower all interested in an open relationship with a few tools to make it successful. I’d like to provide all the information between the lines that you may not have read in the classical tomes. I’m here to tell you what it’s going to feel like to be open, more than giving you a to-do list.

Welcome, and enjoy.